Month: March 2017

How I overcame my eating disorder

I still remember my first heartbreak like it was yesterday. I was 16 and the overwhelming pain made my teenage heart want to tear itself apart in order to numb the unbearable pain. It was as if someone removed my heart from it’s place and tore it like an old cloth until there was nothing left, only to mop the floor with it. I had been played by a young man whom at the peak of his hormones, could not understand what It felt like to be used. Unlike Rory Gilmore, I did not have the high self-esteem one...

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Made in Montreal – challenges and opportunities

Made in Montreal challenges and opportunities   Roughly 50 years ago, Montreal’s apparel sector was booming like never before. If you’ve lived through the 70’s, the expression ‘’la cité de la mode’’ (french for the garment district) probably brings up memories of fabric stocks and sewing machines. Indeed, our well known Chabanel street was home of local textile manufacturers and garment makers. Sadly, around the 1990’s, the emergence of globalisation and the low cost of labor made outsourcing to Asia much more appealing for companies, causing around 70 000 workers to lose their jobs and an entire industry to...

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