Month: June 2017

The big comfy couch – why it’s important to get out of your comfort zone

You don’t have to bungee jump or let yourself fall off a plane in the middle of nowhere to feel like you’ve accomplished something beyond your limits. For some people, this equals a considerable feeling of accomplishment but not all human beings are the same. For the longest time I felt like I HAD to do at least one of these high adrenaline activities to feel like i’ve check- marked something extraordinary, something I could later on refer to on my lifetime to-do list and be proud of. Truth is, this was someone else’s list, not mine. If I...

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6 easy avoidable purchases for the eco-fashion beginner

Making changes in one’s life is rarely an easy operation and is often a long process involving multiple relapses along the road. Habits take time to modify and with temptation all around – Gosh you must be really willing not to eat that piece of cake. If I was to visualize it, it would definitely not be a straight line but more like a heartbeat portrayed on an electrocardiograph; you start by well behaving until your reach a peak and then you get bumps on the road that bring you back to square one. The long-term objective is to...

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