I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Japan to witness the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees blooming until I found out that I needn’t go this far to live a similar experience. I had recently learned that the Montreal Botanical Garden was filled with Magnolia and Crabapple trees that offer just about the same impression and I had to go before the blooming season was over. I thought it was perfect for a little photoshoot so I grabbed a camera and my boyfriend and spent the Saturday beneath the trees. The smell was so invigorating I wished I could build a little cabin and lay there forever.

PS: My earrings are from Thisilk,  a Montreal-based artisan / My eyeliner and mascara are certified organic from Zorah biocosmetics another local brand committed to the environment.



The blouse I wore was purchased last year during my backpacking trip to Mexico in a city called San Miguel de Allende, the city of art. With its old colonial architecture and colorful buildings, one couldn’t help but fall in love. One day while scouting the area, I fell on this small bohemian shop where I found this unique top that I thought reflected well the Mexican style and my own at the same time. I like to purchase something I can where from every country I visit – I don’t go overboard – just one or two things like an accessory or a garment which I make sure won’t sit in my closet untouched. In a way, I like to think that I am supporting a local artisan while keeping a tangible memory of my trip because sometimes the mind fails to remember.

The jeans I’m wearing are not very eco-friendly at the core but I didn’t purchase them in stores. Actually, I bought them from the sample sale of the fashion brand I currently work for. Every year, all the pre-production samples are sold for a very low price to the company’s employees. The way I see it is that as long as I don’t buy them from the stores, I am still doing a good deed to the planet and here is why: A garment goes through so many fitting stages before it gets into stores – For every style that you find in stores, there are 10 samples on average that are reviewed for quality purposes before final units are delivered in stores. All these samples are not sellable to the public as they might have fit and spec issues, thus the reason for an ”employee sample sale”. Afterward, what is left unsold is either given to charity or thrown away. On a side note, I do not recommend distressed jeans in general because they won’t last you as long as regular jeans due to the treatment they’ve undergone to get this look.

I guess you’ve noticed that I’m wearing running shoes. Indeed, I wear sneakers most of the time. Unfortunately, I have a bunion (thanks, bad genes!) and wear special orthopedic insoles that limit my choice of shoes. One the bright side, I’ve had these Adidas knitted sneakers for a few years now and love them. They are not too sporty looking which allows me to wear them with dressier clothes and give me the comfort I need throughout the day. Either way, I do not own a car – I use public transport and rather walk whenever I get the chance so having comfortable shoes is always my priority.


Below are a few shots I took at the Botanical Garden – Hope you enjoy looking at them just as much as I enjoyed capturing them!