”The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do” – Rob Siltanen


Hi there and welcome to Slow Couture!

I am so glad you have landed on my blog  and I really hope you will enjoy reading my posts, but first let me tell you a little bit about the purpose of this blog.

What does Slow Couture stand for?

The name of the blog, Slow Couture was inspired by the ”slow fashion” movement which opposes the fast fashion industry’s principles. The second part of the name, Couture, is in honor of the first fashion houses of haute couture which represent to me vintage and quality clothing –  not to mention that the two words put together sound pretty good.

If you’re not familiar with the slow fashion movement here is what it mainly preaches :

  1. Quality – purchasing garments that will last longer and do not only fit in one mold (follow trends)
  2. Recycle – making a product’s life cycle longer by donating or purchasing from secondhand stores
  3. Sustainability – choosing products that are produced under ethical conditions and that are eco-friendly
  4. Buy locally – supporting smaller local business or artisans to ensure fair trade processes and reduce carbon footprint
  5. DIY – learning to do it yourself like reparing, making or up-cycling your own products

Ultimately, giving my years of experience and my background in the fashion industry, I hope to educate people on making sustainable choices when it comes to fashion and other related products. I have not always been a slow fashion advocate and i’m still in the process of shifting to a greener lifestyle. This being said, I would love sharing my journey and my findings with you throughout this blog.

Quality over quantity – that is my moto



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