Author: Sabine Gedeon

Killing me softly

Did you ever notice how the human relationship with cotton is almost symbiotic? I mean, this natural fiber is present in almost every item of our surroundings. Actually, I invite you to do the test – open your closet and take a look at the garment labels. I’d be curious to know how many items your are able to find with traces of cotton. Now it doesn’t stop there ; Cotton is used for your bedsheets, your towels, your underwear and even for your coffee filter. It’s even in the food we eat – cottonseed oil is indeed extracted...

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Welcome to Slow Couture

About a year ago, I was going through a mid twenties life crisis, asking myself what the hell I was doing working a 9 to 5 office job. “You work in fashion? Oh really, How fancy! So you design clothes?” No darlin’, today’s fashion world does not only revolve around designers and drawings. Today we call it fast-fashion and there is a lot more than creative work to make it all happen. More specifically, I was answering emails, logging data and sending packages across the borders. Not only I felt useless, but I did not feel that I was...

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