Gaia & Dubos – A true pioneer in the world of sustainable fashion

by | May 8, 2017 | Environment, Ethical |

A few months ago while I was researching eco-friendly companies in Montreal, an emerging clothing label called Gaia & Dubos caught my attention. At that moment, the number of eco-conscious brands in Montreal was scarce and the website content made me eager to learn more. Ever since, I’ve been closely following the designer’s steps, impatiently waiting for the launch of her first collection held this previous Friday in the Notman House on Sherbrooke street.

During the night of the event as I was intimately discovering the brand, I couldn’t help but notice that Gaia & Dubos was a true reflection of its creator Léonie Daignault-Leclerc, a bubbly young entrepreneur full of confidence and determination. From the development of her locally made garments to the servings of delicious vegan entrées, everything was executed with an eco-conscious state of mind.

The reason of my initial interest in Gaia & Dubos was the philosophy behind the brand. “Gaia & Dubos wants to change the face of the fashion industry by offering products and services resulting from sustainable development. [They] also want to empower back the consumers by giving them an education on ecological and ethical fashion’’. I was impressed by how every little aspect of the event accurately reflected the brand’s mission. As I entered the door, a long table was installed to my left topped with picture boards explaining in detail each item of the collection. At first glimpse, I didn’t quite understand the purpose of this setup while the very collection was physically available to review. As I started reading the information written on the cards, I found myself unexpectedly learning about textile innovation like that eco-friendly yarn made from expired milk the designer used on her sumptuous lace top. Only then I understood that the idea was actually brilliant because it resonated perfectly with the brand’s mission of educating the consumer. You can also rest assured that most of her chosen fabrics are certified organic and thoroughly researched for a low environmental impact. 

In order to avoid waste, the products are only available on-demand. This being said, one size of every piece was hung on a rack and seamstresses were at one’s disposal to take measurements and help determine the best size for a perfect fit. Another innovative aspect of Gaia & Dubos’s collection was the creation of transformable pieces. Personally, this was the highlight of the entire collection because versatile garments are so practical but unfortunately very hard to find. The coat in the picture below is made with 100% organic cotton and doubled with a beautifully printed recycled polyester lining – not to mention that even the dye is eco-friendly and the threads used for the stitching are also made out of recycled polyester. What makes this piece so great is that It can be worn either as a long trench or as a short jacket for a sportier look. In addition, to honor their commitment to sustainability, Gaia & Dubos offers a lifetime warranty with free repair on any broken seam. Talk about an engagement for lifetime durability!

With ethics and environmental awareness at the heart of their practices, Gaia & Dubos is without any doubt a pioneer in the slow fashion movement. Now if you’re not the label’s target customer, make sure to take a look at the company’s website for further educational content. In fact, Gaia & Dubos offers valuable tools that teach us how to become a responsible consumer. If you’d like to learn about sewing per se, you might want to check out their virtual sewing classes and tutorials. Furtherly, If you are comfortable with the french language, you can also review the available blog articles and videos where Léonie the creator, gives insights on different eco tips and subjects.

To check out the entire collection click on the link below :